Writing because words are the essence of my life.


The Writer’s Barn is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a fledgling business. ‘The Writer’s Barn’ is a metaphorical space to play with words. I have three aims – two are creative and one is academic 🙂 Creatively what I am setting out to do is unlock your innate creativity. I can provide one to ones (face to face or by phone) and workshops, tailor made to your requirements. I’ll help you play with words and language. You’ll have fun and you’ll write! I’ll be running workshops to that end in my local vicinity so keep an eye out for them.

The second aim is to help those in academia to reflect on and rethink assumptions, explore and analyse, write and research. Teaching and learning, team building and motivation are a speciality of mine. I have over 16 years in teaching at University level, along with creating workshops for staff development and event organisation. I privately supervise students writing their dissertations and I’m also happy to accept commissions for proof reading as well as writing jobs. No job too small. I love writing so the more I have to do the merrier!

So my final aim is simple. I want to write. It gives me great pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading.


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